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Full Name: D'arcy Wretzky Brown
Status: Married to Kerry Brown, the drummer from the band Catherine
Ocupation: Bass player for The Smashing Pumpkins. Also owns 3 antique shops in Illinois and is Co-Owner of record label Scratchie Records
Other Facts:
  • D'arcy met Billy when they were having an argument outside a club in Chicago called Avalon. Billy was arguing with her about a band she liked and he thought they sucked. He soon after found out she could play bass, and invited her to join the band.
  • D'arcy dated James Iha around when the band first formed. The broke up after Gish/before Siamese Dream.
  • Her sister is the girl on the left on the Today single
  • She is naturally a brunette
  • D'arcy designed the cover art for Gish
  • Her Husband, Kerry, revealed in his sleep that he liked her.
  • She loves animals and kid movies