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An ode to D'arcy: News
Latest News

There is rarely any news alone just about D'arcy, but I will keep you informed of anything that involves her!

-At the moment I"m debating on if i want to keep this page a D'arcy page, or make it a page about something else. I still love D'arcy, but i dunno..?

-D'arcy was charged with possession of Crack in January 2000. Her punishment was to go to a drug school for 2 months. If she doesn't do this she will end up back in court.

-D'arcy is making her acting debut in a movie called Peaces of Ronnie.

-D'arcy sung in a filter song on their newest album. I forget which song though.

-Well its been a hell of a long time since I've updated this site. After enough emails and complaints from everyone, I've decided to at least update the news.

-It is reported that D'arcy is gone from the band. I will keep you informed of any news involving this or her.

-It seems that D'arcy will be following in James Iha's footsteps and release a solo album. It is said that this album will be more of a grunge-rock type album. Some help from Hole's Courtney Love will be used on the album as well. D'arcy is to be playing bass, and some guitar on the album, alone with all vocals.